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Development of the Self

F.M. Alexander did not distinguish between the mind or psyche on the one hand and the body on the other. For him, both were an indivisible unit, which he called the "self". The superior aim of the Alexander Technique is the development of the self.

Young children are tireless researchers. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge motivates them to expand their opportunities. Failures do not discourage them. They do not need pressure from the outside. Their learning and development pace is despite or perhaps because of that stunning. Most small children can easily stand upright and move with ease and grace. The exterior reflects an inner attitude that is characterized by fearlessness, creative strength and enthusiasm for life.
We were all little children once. With most of us, the described qualities were buried, because they were no longer in demand at some point. One can observe this even with school children, and many people are deeply convinced that our psycho-physical state can only worsen beyond the thirties at the latest.
F.M. Alexander has shown that this is not a law of nature. Improving our coordination is possible at any time. Learning can be a fulfilling and broadening experience at any age, if we work with and not against our natural potential.
The Alexander Technique is essentially a method of personal growth and development of the self, which is not primarily concerned with what we do, but how we do something .

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