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Music/Performing Arts

Traditionally, musicians, actors and dancers make the group of people who are particularly close to the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique is now part of the curriculum in many music and drama schools. That is because musicians, actors and dancers depend on the high level of functionality of their bodies. The founder of the Alexander Technique, F.M. Alexander was an actor himself and suffered especially during his appearances from hoarseness and breathing problems. These restrictions were threatening to end his young career early. Many actors, musicians and dancers make similar experiences today: breathing problems with singers and actors, stiff lips with brass players or tendonitis with string instrument players are just some examples of these common phenomena. In addition, many artists feel the constant appearances before audiences as pressure they cannot measure up to. Back and joint pain, headaches or general discomfort may be the result.

In light of his own problem, Alexander developed effective solutions whose universal character was evident in the course of his subsequent teaching. When he began to draw his attention from the outside towards the inside, he discovered something amazing: the stimuli, which he regarded as stress-inducing, were neutral and unproblematic. His problems were caused by the habits that he himself had acquired in order to respond to these stimuli. Alexander called the manner in which he responded, "Use of the Self". All his research was directed subsequently to the improvement of the use of the self. Alexander has shown that a light, effortless and natural way of moving is not a matter of talent even in case of complex activities, but it can be learned systematically.

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